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Tatlıcak Mahallesi Taştepe Sokak No: 36 Karatay / Konya / TÜRKİYE, TR

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Savasan Emaye ve Soba San.Ltd. Sti. stepped in the manufacturing sector in 1972 and firstly started their activities with the solid fuel stove manufacturing. Until 1988, They reached to annual 60000 pieces of solid fuel stove production capacity with their increasing production capacity and employment. 

In 1990, the company established the enameling plant so as to meet their developing production volume and also started their activities in enamel kitchenware sector in the same year. Savasan Emaye became the desired company in Turkish Enameled Kitchenware sector until 1997,  they realized the first export operation in the same year and commenced their first foreign country activities. Savasan Emaye has succeeded in being a trademark which is looked for by foreign countries as well as their increasing export volume.

On the direction of developing technologies and new market demands, Savasan Emaye established their Non-Stick (Fireproof-nonstick) production plant in 2001 and became one of the pioneers of the non-stick technology with their "Grandeur" trademark. The "Grandeur" is a trademark still having authority on this technology. Grandeur trademark is targeting to constantly increase their sale trend with all these choices and advantages day by day. Grandeur products offer to their customers with the quality, practicality, special-to-individual designing options, the R&D and Quality Control laboratories of our company.

Having proved their product quality in Turkey and 55 countries abroad, Savasan Emaye has documented their quality by receiving ISO 9001: 2000 and the 2007 Consumer Quality award in 2003. Manufacturing of aluminum series is started in 2010

Savasan provides the quality with;
• The training they have given to their personal
• Quality intelligence without any concession
• With the supplier chain which is optimally selected
• The service that they offer to their customers
• The investment that they made on the Research-Development (R&D) activities
• The auditing of their products at every stage
• Using the best quality of the used raw-material and semi-products
• Providing the participation of the employees in the quality system
• Giving importance to human health
• Designing the most practical products for the users.


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